– Testimony: Fighter, Now Free

I was born into a broken, fighting family. I was beat by my dad. My dad also beat my mother and my mother often told me I remind her of my dad. I was sexually molested by a female family member very early in life. Sex, drugs, gangs, and alcohol governed my life for many years.

I am a fighter. I served ten years active duty Navy until I was diagnosed with an aggressive bone tumor which left me with no joint in my left elbow. My marriage of ten years came to an end and drinking replaced talking. I lost my family, house and my life in just a matter of a few months. I moved in with my mother, then my father, then my own apartment. I was kicked out of each one for smoking marijuana and my drinking. Everything I had built came crashing down.

Then everything changed. I fought up unto the last day I had to move out of the apartment. I fought, but the Lord Christ Jesus won. And I am glad. Since then, I have not had the craving to drink, smoke and fornicate. Jesus has saved me from my sins because of what He did for me on the cross. I give the Son of the Living God all the glory and I thank the Father for sending His only Son to die for a sinner like myself.

– Lance


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