– Testimony: Cleared Name


On July 4th, I caught my wife sleeping with another man and so filed for divorce.

After a short series of events, she knew that she was going to lose everything including custody of our son.  This led to a desperate attempt to make me look like a criminal. She planted evidence and set up a meeting that ultimately led to my being arrested and charged with a crime.

I called out for Prayer!

Through the God ordained system of justice and a lot of prayer and confessing the Word of God over my situation, these charges were dropped.  I wanted to let the people that prayed with and for me during this intense trial that their efforts were not in vain.  My name has been cleared!

Thank you for taking the time to labor for someone else in prayer! I am sure that we will meet in eternity, and I will give you proper thanks at that time.  Thank you all!

– Matthew


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