World Impact with Dr. Billy Wilson addresses the deeply felt needs of hurting people around the world by presenting Biblical wisdom on hard-hitting topics in a globally relevant way.

World Impact is:

Personal – We help individuals renew real and lasting relationships with God through exhortation and clear scriptural presentation.

Topical – We focus on issues faced by Christians around the world.

Relevant – We present Biblical wisdom in a way that is applicable to the viewer’s life regardless of nationality, age, or socioeconomic standing.

Accessible – We aggressively use TV and the internet to connect with as many people in as many places as is possible

World Impact provides:

A unique, contemporary format offers a clear evangelistic call to a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ and diverse media outlets connect directly with individuals in a manner most accessible to them. Taped “on-location” the World Impact TV show features episodes from Israel, Germany, and Turkey as well as numerous US states. These locations help provide opportunity for unique global perspectives through interviews with local people.

Television is the largest media outlet used today. World Impact airs twice, somewhere in the world, each and every day – reaching more than 300 million potential households in 200 countries in five languages. Based on our latest Nielson data, it is conservative to estimate that a real audience of 2 million households watches World Impact every week.

Internet can “Share Jesus with the World” in places and with additional resources beyond the abilities of traditional media This is why World Impact is online. Please explore this web site to find on-demand streaming of programs, free digital downloads of print resources, and the Prayer Wall. World Impact staff are committed to pray specifically for each prayer request sent to us by mail, telephone, and internet.

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World Impact
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