Spirit-Empowered Christianity

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The growth of Spirit-empowered Christianity has been nothing short of phenomenal. From a handful of believers in the early twentieth century to a global movement today numbering over 600 million people in almost every culture and denomination, whose who embrace the Holy Spirit and His gifts are now the fastest growing religious group in the world.

Spirit-Empowered Christianity in the 21st Century is an authoritative compilation of the presentations from more than two dozen leaders in the Spirit-empowered movement. Focusing on the future, these world-renowned scholars address the theological and cultural challenges of the new century and share emerging insights on how the next generation will face them.

Topics include:

The Charismatic Renewal after Fifty Years / The Demographics of Renewal / The Future of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal / Signs of Grace in a Graceless World / Spirit Baptism / The Future of Healing Ministries /  A Pendulum Swing Between Prosperity and Suffering / the Future of Women in Ministry