Financial Accountability

The International Center for Spiritual Renewal’s financial records are kept by an outside accounting firm and are audited each year by an independent third party auditor.

Our most recent audit revealed that only 6% of our ministry costs are used for administration. Contributed and gifted air-time from television networks around the world equaled 150% of our expenditure budget. This continues to be a miracle of favor for the ministry.

Additionally, less than 3 minutes of each TV program is geared toward raising funds.

This means that a vast majority of our time and resources goes directly toward ministry to hurting people. After broadcast costs, our largest minstry expense is in production and mailing of free mini-books, flyers, and personalized responses to prayer requests. The Center’s goal is to be a ministry with the highest integrity that can be trusted to help individual people at the point of their spiritual need.

Thank you for your support in “Sharing Jesus with the World!”