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Do you wonder about your purpose and calling in life? God calls each of us to know His will and purpose. He wants us to be a leader and make a difference for His kingdom where we are. Dr. Wilson is in Jerusalem, Israel discussing Nehemiah. How his leadership and purpose during his generation can […]

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Christmas is not all about the stuff you do or buy. By searching for the true meaning of and for this wondrous season, you will find the real reason it is celebrated.

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In the 1930’s the Nazis rallied in Nuremberg to show off their might to the world. Here too the atrocities and war crimes resulting from their campaigns were put on trial after World War II. Hitler gave the orders and others pledged to obey.

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When marriages fall apart, often reconciliation seems impossible.  But what is impossible with man is possible with God. Join Billy Wilson as he sits down with his parents, Alva and Joyce Wilson, to discuss their separation, divorce, and miraculous reconciliation.  Hear their story and discover the great mercy and grace sent by God to restore their marriage.

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The series “For God So Loved the World” concludes from Rome, Italy with part five ‘Compelled by Love.’ This episode will discuss the differences in our occupation and vocation. What we do to make money for our occupation and what God has called each of us to as our vocation. Know that in all we […]

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