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Life is lived out in a conflict zone. Being a Christian simply means fighting for the right side. Find out who to fight and how to fight the good fight of faith.

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The Holy Spirit brought Passion, Purity, and Power to the early church. He will bring those things to your life as well, when the fire falls.

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The Holy Spirit isn’t a force. He isn’t a feeling. He isn’t spooky! He is a person. He is God.

Get to know Him.

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In Wittenberg a young Augustinian monk named Martin Luther ignited the Great Reformation in 1517 with his notion that it is the Power of Grace, not works, that justifies a man.

He was right.

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This show is recorded inside a museum chronicling the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi party. From this somber location Billy WIlson explores with you the responsibilities of power and the problems which arise when it is perverted.

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