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Sometimes being a leader can become heavy and hard to bear, but knowing that Jesus is there, we are able to find joy.

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Dr. Wilson is in Jerusalem, Israel continuing the study on the life of Nehemiah. This episode talks about how the Hand of God was on Nehemiah’s life and his leadership. With God’s guidance Nehemiah was able to rebuild the Wall in Jerusalem and the lives of His followers. Just as God used Nehemiah, He also […]

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Dr. Wilson is in Jerusalem continuing the study of Nehemiah’s life. This episode discusses how Nehemiah used his resistance to focus his leadership to accomplish God’s purpose and plan. Just as God helped Nehemiah do his work, He can also help you, no matter the resistance against you.

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Who do you surround yourself with? Does your circle include Family, friends and co-workers? The people you surround yourself with will influence everything you do. God wants us to fill all areas of our lives with Godly people. People that we will influence for the Kingdom and they will, in turn, influence us. Dr. Wilson […]

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Do you wonder about your purpose and calling in life? God calls each of us to know His will and purpose. He wants us to be a leader and make a difference for His kingdom where we are. Dr. Wilson is in Jerusalem, Israel discussing Nehemiah. How his leadership and purpose during his generation can […]

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