What does my donation do?

— Answer by Nathan Ashton, Producer

Great question! There are two parts to the answer: 1) Where do we spend your donation, and 2) What good do our combined efforts accomplish.

1) The cost of “Sharing Jesus with the World.”

World Impact is often filmed “on location” and Billy Wilson travels with a team of between one and four people, depending on the rigors of the trip. We have airfare, hotel, food, transportation, and governmental fees to pay along the way. Occasionally we also have to hire a guide.

One of my jobs as World Impact Producer is to maximize the effectiveness of every trip, so I try to find partnerships with tour agencies, ministries of tourism, airlines, and sometimes just local people who can lend us a hand. Some trips we have arranged to have completely paid for by a host church or Government Tourism Agency

We have a small staff. I write and pre-produce the program, Gil edits, and Connie responds to prayer requests. Billy Wilson does not draw a salary from his efforts with World Impact.

We broadcast on eight major networks in four languages. Over the last 15 years, World Impact has developed some exceptional partnerships with several of these networks for translation services and prime time slots. On top of this, over a million dollars of airtime is donated to World Impact by these premere networks each year.

2) The good that we do together.

World Impact reaches an estimated 3,000,000 households each week in over 150 countries. We received prayer requests from places like England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Our phone lines log calls from all over the United States every day. The entire ICFSR staff prays over every single prayer request each morning at 8:30 AM.

This last year we have seen people Born Again, others delivered