In this last of three Conversations on the Holy Spirit, Billy Wilson talks with young people about the Holy Spirit. Attempting to address questions such as:

What work does the Holy Spirit do?

How does He touch the lives of believers? and

What good is being “Spirit Empowered” in the 21st Century?

In this episode, the controversy is left behind, and the discussion turnes to the positive effects of knowing, listening to, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. According to Craig,

We are living in a generation where there’s more bondage to sin than any generation. If we dismiss the Holy Spirit we dismiss deliverance… Jesus actually said it’s better for you that I go away, for if I don’t go away I can’t send the Comforter and Counselor. He is essentially saying to the disciples who are seeing him raise Lazarus from the dead, who’ve seen him touch blinded eyes, seen Him walk on water, … and He’s saying to those very people, it’s better for you that I go so that He comes. I don’t divorce my life from Scripture, I in fact say, these things that Christ did, I shall do and even greater because the Holy Spirit’s in my life.