In this second of three Conversations on the Holy Spirit, Billy Wilson talks with young people about the Holy Spirit. Attempting to address questions such as:

What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Is speaking in tongues for everyone? and

Why is this issue such a big deal?

In this episode, the discussion turns to the high profile question of Speaking in Tongues. In the words of Barrie, one of the young people speaking with Billy Wilson,

My experience with tongues has mostly been a personal prayer life with God. In Romans it talks about how you speak in tongues in groanings that are too deep for words. And that tends to happen to me is, I don’t know what to pray a lot. I don’t about what to pray and sometimes it’s just so deep that words just seem so shallow to pray them.

and Scott, a Babtist pastor is searching for the gift. He says,

I’m a continuationist, I believe that the gifts are full and available. Yet I don’t speak in tongues. I don’t have that gift yet, and I pray for it often, just like every other gift that’s in the Bible… So I don’t disagree with tongues at all, I think it’s a wonderful thing and I think Paul says, you know, I do it more than anybody, and I wish that all of you would.

Find out more about how the Holy Spirit is impacting the lives of believers and what the Bible says about Speaking in Tongues.