In this first of three Conversations on the Holy Spirit, Billy Wilson talks with young people about the Holy Spirit. Attempting to address questions such as:

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What is His roll in our lives today? and

Why should we care about the Holy Spirit anyway?

In this episode, the discussion turns to the person and personality of the Holy Spirit. Find out why knowing Him is so important. In the words of Amanda, one of the young people talking with Billy Wilson,

I just really think it’s important to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives because I think, once again, you see two extremes. You see people who don’t want to have anything to do with the Holy Spirit, and you see other people who think that every single thing that they do is so deeply spiritual that they feel paralyzed. So I think just understanding how He guides and how He leads. And a lot of that is, I think, discovered and learned by like what she was saying, experiences. Seeing how the Holy Spirit has impacted other people, experiences they have had, helped people to, you know, understand, well if He can do it in their life, I understand, oh that’s where He’s done that in my life.