The Seven Deadly Sins have had a powerful roll in shaping history and society but they aren’t actually found as a list in the Holy Bible.

They began as a catalog of worldly evils compiled from early Christian sources by a scholar named Evagrius Ponticus. Convicted by his own list, Evagrius left sinful Constantinople to be come a monk in Egypt around 375 AD. There, he distilled his catalog to a list of list of 8 evil thoughts that can infect the soul.

In 590 AD, Pope Gregory the Great re-examined Evagrius – combined hubris and vainglory into pride – and declared that these sins were deadly to body and soul.

To Gregory, the worst sin on the list is Pride.

To us today, it still may be that Pride is the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins. Join Billy Wilson on this important episode and find out how you can live free from pride and gain the grace of God in your life.

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble
(James 4:6)