The Seven Deadly Sins have had a powerful roll in shaping history and society but they aren’t actually found as a list in the Holy Bible. In 590 AD, Pope Gregory the Great declared that seven sins were deadly to body and soul. Two of them are…


Also known as Adultery, Fornication, Temptation, Lechery, Sensuality ….. is Self-indulgent Sexual Desire.

Because of lust, 40% of pre-teens have viewed Porn and 50% of girls are sexually active by age 17. Then 1 in 4 have a sexually transmitted disease. Then abortion, the result of un-restrained lust, kills the entire population of Philidelphia every year.

If you look after a woman with Lust, you have already committed adultery
(Matthew 5:28)


Americans eat almost 4 times more calories per day than the global average. This is why 1/3 kids are overweight or obese and 2/3 adults are overweight or obese. The United States generates 500 pounds of food waste every second.

Beyond food, 77% of adults are dependent on caffeine or tobacco products and 14% of adults overuse prescription medication.

Their God is their belly
(Philippians 3:19)

Obviously, Lust and Gluttony are still with us today.  Join Billy Wilson on this important episode and find out how you can live free from these destructive sins.


Lisa’s Interview: