Darwin believed that nature used a selection mechanism to choose which animals were best suited to survive and therefore most worthy of procreation and passing its strength into the next generation. He called this “survival of the fittest” or evolution. This new ‘science’ meshed with the “God is Dead” philosophy of Nietzsche to create an avenue for great harm for humanity.

If God is NOT gone, then we have an obligation to stand for His righteousness and love each other.

If God is gone, then the very noblest things in human nature crumble.

This episode of World Impact explores the result of Darwinism upon our society including: absence of Regard for Man, Moral Absolutes, a Sense of Responsibility, and the Fear of God. This is an enabling core to many of mankind’s most grave ills.


Mysterious Island Documentary

This episode of World Impact features excerpts from the documentary “The Mysterious Islands” produced by the Erwin Brothers.

The Mysterious Islands presents a remarkable quest to Darwin’s Eden by a team of scientists and tracks their journey of discovery as they walk where Darwin walked and engage with the amazing animals that he chronicled during his Voyage of the Beagle. Their mission: to determine whether the Galapagos Islands are a laboratory for evolution, as Darwinists claim, or a showcase for creation.

Along the way, the film examines intriguing questions that Darwin failed to answer, or that he just got wrong: Why do the animals on these islands appear to have little fear of man? Why have some of the creatures of the Galapagos developed such unusual characteristics? Are these phenomena evidences of evolution or something else? Does natural selection produce new kinds of animals, or just variations within the same kinds?

Find out more about the film at their website: http://www.themysteriousislands.com